Topic: Entertainment

Behind the scenes - Maimoa Music's upcoming music video

By Taroi Black
  • Auckland

Maimoa Music have released their new single, Kawea, which reflects on issues affecting Māori.

The song is about encouraging young Māori to take up the many challenges they face every day. 

Maimoa singer Pere Wihongi says, “We hope this single will be popular like our hit single Wairua from last year.  Next week we'll also release our video clip and we're excited.”

Kawea is led mostly by Maimoa Music's female singers.

Awatea Wihongi says, “We're not only featuring women but those who think much like us and you don't have to be born as women but have a strong understanding.”

But the song also features Pere.

“There are so many men out there that carry those feminine aspects.  I want to inspire and ensure they believe in themselves,” he says.

The music clip will air on Pūkana next week during Māori Language Week.

“The song comes from the saying 'take up the challenge,' not only we, but it's directed at our Māori people.”